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Data Scientist Job Hire

We are seeking to hire a data scientist to join our team at Davra.

data scientist job

The Job

Data Scientist

Who we are

Davra is a world leading IOT Software platform. Working in industries such as Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, healthcare we develop a platform that enables solutions to be delivered rapidly to address business needs across these industries. We are recognised by gartner as the world’s leading private company in this space and ranked number 1 in the world on Gartner peer insights.

Here’s a selection of some of our past projects:

San Diego Rail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pugEEJky8OE

Patient monitoring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i76QYatcoJI&t=42s

Dubai Police: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOiNe9svGpk

The role

This advertisement is for the position of lead data scientist, the successful candidate will take responsibility for the design of machine learning models to be delivered directly into impactful industry projects across a wide array of use cases and verticals. The candidate can expect to address projects concerning large quantities of image, video, textual, time series and sensor data. The role demands a solution orientated candidate capable of informing the development of functional software grounded in robust theory working together with an experienced software engineering team. This requires a versatile end-to-end data scientist, capable of seeing a project from customer requirements and business objectives through model design to production ready models. In addition to delivering models into a steady stream of projects the candidate will help guide the integration of more AI and Data Science capability into our IoT platform, as we seek to enable future customers to work with their data in more powerful ways and develop their own models entirely within the platform.

Our current projects

At present we have a number of projects which the successful candidate can expect to be working on:

– Designing models to predict the likelihood of a breach in the dam wall of tailing ponds in ore mines using a combination of satellite imagery and local sensor data from the dam. Tailing dam breaches in the past have proved to be immense humanitarian and environmental catastrophes. (Computer Vision & Sensor Analytics)

– Designing models to detect and predict the onset of specific medical conditions from large amounts of patient sensor data in a nursing home environment. This project is carried out in partnership with academic and medical partners. The aim is to enable a higher quality of life and greater autonomy for elderly individuals. (Computer Vision, NLP & Sensor Analytics).

– Designing models to predict downtime on production line equipment for one of the worlds largest car manufacturing companies, using high velocity textual log files and an immense historical dataset with previous issues annotated. (NLP)

Required skills & qualifications

– Bachelors / Masters in relevant field
– Excellent verbal communicator – capable of effectively communicating the characteristics and merits of data science & machine learning concepts at various levels of abstraction. This job requires the candidate to be comfortable and willing to engage in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders – software engineers, business staff, academic partners, sales staff & customers.
– Excellent written communicator – Role requires the candidate to occasionally work on funding applications and reports, often in collaboration with our academic and business partners.
– Excellent knowledge of the core tenants of working with data and designing robust models.
– Excellent understanding of a broad spectrum of machine learning and data science techniques.
– Knowledge of state of the art approaches in computer vision and NLP.
– Excellent proficiency in python, knowledge of relevant data science libraries and competency in at least one common machine learning framework (PyTorch, TensorFlow, etc )
– Demonstrated skills and track record in modelling, algorithms, stats and machine learning workflows

Preferred skills & qualifications

– PhD in relevant field
– Strong academic publication record
– Strong presentation skills
– Experience in deploying ML models to commercial products
– Industry experience
– GDPR knowledge and experience working with sensitive data
– Experience with big data and cloud technologies


– Opportunity to gain leadership experience
– A fast paced and exciting job
– Opportunity to put ML theory into practice
– Opportunity to publish papers if desired
– Opportunity to work on large scale industry projects
– The chance to do work which has a real and measurable positive impact on the world through the types of projects we take on. Be it improving quality of life for the elderly, keeping school buses and trains running on time or trying to avoid environmental disasters.

How to Apply?

To apply for this position please email careers@davra.io

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