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IoT in Warehouses

The IoT is Making Warehouses Smarter

One of the best technologies to use in warehouses for efficient warehousing is IoT (Internet of Things). To meet the needs of an on-demand shopper, warehouses are finding solutions in IoT applications. Global-scale companies like Amazon, DHL, and Alibaba all employ the technology to take inventory management to the next level.

Keeping thousands of products that can help to stay connected is made possible by the availability of wireless networks and small-sized computer chips. Beacons, Drones, RFID, sensors, etc are all Internet of Things devices that can scan, store, share, and retrieve data with the help of the internet. These are beneficial commodities to have when running a warehouse. 

Benefits Of IoT In The Warehouse

Easy Product Tracking

Drones offer a great deal of convenience and are easiest to use in the warehouse. Drones are also beneficial for tracking while exercising safety on-premises. Due to the wide range of inventory layout in a huge warehouse, it is difficult for the staff to scan through every product, especially the items on high shelves. This is where drones can hover over easily and navigate the entire warehouse quickly and easily scanning the items. Also, it increases safety by avoiding the risks of slips and falls amongst the staff members while scanning the top shelf.

Better Supply Chain Visibility

You now have the ability to experiment with shelf and rack arrangements as the visibility of your stock is no longer a problem using various IoT devices. You can now also easily put away and retrieve products for quick order fulfilment.  The key supply chain players are often dispersed across different countries, and therefore, it’s challenging to control every step of the project. Connected platforms help warehouse managers track the state of goods in delivery, the location, and the speed of vehicles. A company owner will be alerted if there’s a maintenance problem or employee safety is endangered.

Accurate Data Analytics

Warehouse data information is crucial as it helps with making decisions in supply chain management. The data helps in proceeding with purchases, inventory control, and shipping, and therefore, obtaining accurate data from a warehouse is very important. Giving accurate information about the inventory and inventory count is the most important feature of IoT in warehouses. Furthermore, the data obtained from sensors also help in improving safety around the warehouse. For instance, if the floor is wet then the sensors will alert the warehouse manager and thereby prevents any slips or falls from happening.

Prevent Damage To Goods

It is a big challenge for warehouse managers to store and transport the products safely and store them in the right place at the right temperature. IoT devices can reduce the risk and worry by tracking and automatically adjusting the temperature, atmospheric pressure, moisture within a warehouse and hence, help in eliminating any chances of the products getting damaged or spoilt. Together with a smart agriculture system using IoT, IoT store managers will cut spoilage-related losses and increase customer satisfaction.


Lessen Talent Shortage in the Warehouse

IoT or any technology gives warehouse managers and staff a huge advantage as it can easily automate complex tasks effortlessly. Finding a skilled talent is always a challenge and training a new member of the staff is time-consuming as well. In such times, smart technologies come in handy and they also eliminate the chances of human errors hence, improving the overall performance of the warehouse. With smart technologies, business owners will not need to look for new hires — instead, they will be able to improve the productivity of the current team.


How To Get Started

If you are wondering whether the Internet of Things is worth implementing in your warehouse, you can speak to one of the team members at Davra to explain how an IoT technology can benefit your warehouse, no matter the size. Click here to contact Davra today! 


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