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IoT & Supply Chains

IoT Is Improving The Efficiency of the Supply Chain

With IoT devices having revolutionized supply chain management (SCM), it is now much easier to locate goods, understand where they are being stored, follow their location and know what time they will arrive at a particular point. The overall aim of using IoT in supply chain management is to increase the efficiency of the supply chain and therefore attract a bigger and more trusting loyal customer base.

The Internet of Things (IoT), refers to a network of connected devices, objects, and sensors, that collect and communicate information. When applied to the global supply chain, IoT technology can help businesses serve their customers better, while also saving the business money and improving overall efficiency. The following are just a few ways where companies can improve the operation of their supply chain, by utilizing the benefits offered by IoT technology.

In addition to providing insights and helping to manage inventory more efficiently, IoT systems can relieve this task from the workload of human employees, saving the business money because fewer staffing hours will be spent tracking inventory. 

Locate Goods At Any Time

With IoT, you can authenticate the location IoT of the goods at a point when they ate being transported from one point to another. IoT devices can be attached to specific storage containers or to raw materials or products themselves. The IoT device will transmit its location, which can be picked up by GPS satellites and used to track the movement of goods.

Track Speed Of Goods Transportation

Along with improving inventory operations, IoT sensors can also be placed with products, so helping businesses to track the location and condition of items as they are in transit. It is important for suppliers to be able to give their customers an accurate timeline of when they can deliver, to avoid getting a reputation for experiencing delays. Therefore, tracking the speed of movement and the traffic flow of products makes it much easier to predict how goods will move through the supply chain. Suppliers, manufacturers and distribution centres can prepare to receive goods, which reduces handling times and ensures the efficient processing of materials. it.

Monitor Storage Conditions

When it comes to raw materials and products goods, some products like food and chemicals need to be stored in ideal conditions. Specialist IoT devices can monitor areas like temperature, humidity, exposure to an atmosphere, light intensity and other environmental factors. These devices may even trigger an alarm if certain thresholds are breached. This makes it much easier to track the quality of goods through the supply chain and to reduce spoilage. Therefore IoT and supply chain management can save you hassle and money in such circumstances.

Be Aware Of Any Issues In Movement 

Goods tracking and route planning through IoT devices can identify where and when goods are delayed in transit. This information can provide companies with a more accurate estimate of when shipments will get delivered, and also help to prevent issues associated with shipments arriving containing damaged items. This allows for contingency planning and alternative routes to speed up the supply chain. It also allows companies to provide apologies and compensate customers as soon as possible. 

IoT & Supply Chain Maintenance

Modern supply chains rely on the health of many elements, including that of machines, highlighting the importance of predictive maintenance. When one of these machines breaks down, it can slow the supply chain down, or even bring it to a complete halt. For the businesses that are relying on this supply chain, an event like this can be extremely costly. By placing IoT sensors in critical equipment and machinery, a variety of performance metrics can be monitored, enabling the prediction of breakdowns and any other possible maintenance issues. 

Moving Forward With IoT

If you want to learn more about IoT and supply chains, you can speak to one of the team members at Davra to explain how IoT technology can benefit your business and supply chain. Click here to contact Davra today!


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