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Operations – Site Reliability Engineer Vacancy

We are seeking to hire a Operations - Site Reliability Engineer to join our team at Davra

Who We Are

Davra is a world leading IoT Software platform. Working in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, mining, smart cities, healthcare we develop a platform that enables solutions to be delivered rapidly to address business needs across these industries. We are recognized by Gartner as the world’s leading private company in this space and ranked number 1 in the world on Gartner peer insights.

Here’s a selection of some of our past projects:

San Diego Rail:

Patient monitoring:

Dubai Police:

Role Description

In line with our growth of client projects, Davra are seeking an experienced Operations Engineer to join the team. You will be responsible for managing our development and live production deployments hosted on public AWS cloud, on-prem private cloud e.g. Azure and ESXI on-prem. You will establish best practice in managing these deployments including identifying gaps in automation and implementing that automation. You will be the first point of contact for any service affecting issues with the cloud infrastructure and you will be proactive in putting in place advanced monitoring and early warning systems to protect our client’s services. A key part of your role will be to have a deep understanding of the costs of the AWS services and how to best exploit the price plans to eliminate any wastage and maximise the performance and uptime of our hosted deployments.

Role Requirements

You are an experienced Operations or Site Reliability Engineer who has a proven track record of managing public and on-prem Cloud systems hosting our IOT platform and client applications. You are comfortable working with clients and also facing internally to our development teams of Architects, Developers, Testers etc.

●  Four plus years as an Operations or Site Reliability Engineer

●  High competence in AWS management, configuration and cost control

●  High competence in Kubernetes

●  Competence in Azure and ESXI

●  Good practical experience of deployment automation using modern DevOps tools

●  Use of monitoring tools such as Grafana and how to integrate them into a pro-active continuous monitoring solution

●  Experience in security and hardening

●  Ability to work well with internal teams, including developers, architects, quality assurance, UI/UX designers and stakeholders.

●  Relevant degree and additional qualifications

●  Strong familiarity with Linux, networking, storage etc.

Valuable extras

●  Certified training in relevant areas such as AWS, Azure, Kubernetes

●  Versioning tools

●  Rest APIs

●  Automated testing and CI/CD

●  Agile software methodology


●  A fast-paced and exciting job

●  Opportunity to work on large scale industry projects

●  The chance to do work that has a real and measurable positive impact on the world through the types of projects we take on – be it improving quality of life for the elderly, keeping school buses and trains running on time, or trying to avoid environmental disasters

How To Apply?

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