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Platform Engineer Vacancy

We are seeking to hire a Platform Engineer to join our team at Davra

The Position

Platform Engineer

Who We Are

Davra is a world-leading IoT Software platform. Working in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, mining & healthcare we develop a platform that enables solutions to be delivered rapidly to address business needs across these industries. We are recognised by Gartner as the world’s leading private company in this space and ranked number 1 in the world on Gartner peer insights.

Here’s a selection of some of our past projects:

San Diego Rail:

Patient monitoring:

Dubai Police:

The Role

The successful candidate will collaborate with a passionate team to plan, build, and maintain the full stack of features for a market-leading Internet of Things application enablement Platform. They will participate in the full life cycle of a build including functional specifications, work estimates, design, development, automated testing, bug resolution and deployment

The role will involve working with frontend technologies such as Bootstrap, D3 graphics, JQuery, Vue.JS. and work with backend technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, Nginx, Node.Js, Python.

The successful candidate will have a good understanding of security and compliance factors as well as the ability to design API. They will also have the ability to design solutions that scale, are secure, and easy to maintain. They will work with project requirements to decide on the best technologies for implementing the job, and learn how to get it done.

Our Current Projects

At present we have a number of projects which the successful candidate can expect to be working on:

• Designing models to predict the likelihood of a breach in the dam wall of tailing ponds in ore mines using a combination of satellite imagery and local sensor data from the dam. Tailing dam breaches in the past have proved to be immense humanitarian and environmental catastrophes. (Computer Vision & Sensor Analytics)

• Designing models to detect and predict the onset of specific medical conditions from large amounts of patient sensor data in a nursing home environment. This project is carried out in partnership with academic and medical partners. The aim is to enable a higher quality of life and greater autonomy for elderly individuals. (Computer Vision, NLP & Sensor Analytics).

• Designing models to predict downtime on production line equipment for one of the world’s largest car manufacturing companies, using high-velocity textual log files and an immense historical dataset with previous issues annotated. (NLP)

Required Skills & Qualifications

• Third level qualification in Computer Science or a related discipline

• Proficient JavaScript developer

• Experience server-side scripting language Python and/or Node.Js (Ideally NodeJs)

• Experience working with Rest APIs

• Strong technical design and development skills

• Kubernetes, Docker and container-based deployments

• Data structures and Algorithms

• Experience with NoSQL database e.g Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis

• An excellent understanding of HTML and CSS and Bootstrap  /  Responsive layouts

• Knowledge of Chrome and other browsers debugging tools & front-end best practices

• CI/CD tools such as Jenkins

• Versioning tools such as Git

Desirable Skills & Qualifications

• Experience with agile methodologies and approaches (Agile, Kanban)

• Experience in IoT

• Experience working with time-series databases

• Experience with rapid prototyping

• Web application security, AAS, Passport, OAuth, API tokens, etc.

• Experience with Message bus such as Kafka

• Experience in cloud preferably API/script-level cloud infrastructure management


• Monitoring/performance/availability skills and experience

• Prometheus and ELK/Splunk experience

• Experience working with Charting libraries

• Tomcat/NGINX web server.

• Experience working with web sockets.


• A fast-paced and exciting job

• Opportunity to work on large scale industry projects

• The chance to do work that has a real and measurable positive impact on the world through the types of projects we take on – be it improving quality of life for the elderly, keeping school buses and trains running on time, or trying to avoid environmental disasters.

How To Apply?

To apply for this position please fill out the form below!

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