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UI/UX Designer Vacancy

We are seeking to hire a UX Designer to join our team at Davra

Who We Are

Davra is a world leading IoT Software platform. Working in industries such as logistics, manufacturing, mining, smart cities, healthcare we develop a platform that enables solutions to be delivered rapidly to address business needs across these industries. We are recognized by Gartner as the world’s leading private company in this space and ranked number 1 in the world on Gartner peer insights.

Here’s a selection of some of our past projects:

San Diego Rail:

Patient monitoring:

Dubai Police:

Role Description

In line with our growth of client engagements, Davra are seeking an experienced UX Designer to join the team. You will be working with a motivated team to plan, design and build innovative applications and services for our clients and delivery partners on multiple client projects across different geographies and cultures from the Middle East to North America.

Role Requirements

You are an experienced UX Designer who is fully able to enter the world of our end-users across a diverse range of applications, spanning smart-buildings, earth observation and ground sensors integration for specialist use-cases, mass transit, healthcare and patient monitoring etc. You set the standard for how users interact with our platform and end-user applications. You are integral to the software lifecycle as well. You engage with our customers to design, agree and finalise the user experience. You are an advocate for improvements in our front-end technology that improve the user experience for all.

●   Five years hands-on as a UX Designer, with proven accomplishments in software product

●   Very competent in modern front-end and design tools and technologies

●   Take ownership of the products design

●   Understand the domain and users you are design for

●   Be a strong user advocate within your team

●   Exercise lean design methods

●   Design solutions as a whole rather than individual features

●   Able to represent the company as an UX specialist

●   Ability to work well with internal teams, including developers, architects, quality assurance, UI/UX designers and stakeholders

●  Relevant degree and additional qualifications


●   Proficient with Figma


Managing libraries

●   Familiar with Design systems

Material design

Vuetify libraries


●   Produce responsive designs

Design Project lifecycle

●   Understand requirements

●   Attend project related meetings

●   Identify key stakeholders on client/user side and conduct 1:1 unstructured interviews

●   Provide concepts at an early stage followed by rapid design revisions

●   Demonstrate designs and explain reasoning to clients

●   Produce concise design specifications for the development team

●   Work with developers and adjust designs based on technical restraints

●   Give direction to QA team to ensure designs are implemented as specified

Valuable extras

●  Experience in specialist use-cases and domains, such as healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, office buildings automation, mass transit

●  Familiarity with the Kanban method in a software development environment

●  You keep abreast of new technologies and tools in the UX space


●  A fast-paced and exciting job

●  Opportunity to work on large scale industry projects

●  The chance to do work that has a real and measurable positive impact on the world through the types of projects we take on – be it improving quality of life for the elderly, keeping school buses and trains running on time, or trying to avoid environmental disasters

How To Apply?

To apply for this position please fill out the form below!

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